I have always loved to sew and make unique creations. It is important to me that the things I make are useful and used and I am happy when something I’ve made brings pleasure to someone. Using fabrics and notions from gently used pre-owned items rather than buying new is an important foundation of my business. We are all familiar with news stories showing the waste and pollution generated by the fashion industry.  Thrift stores provide an ample supply of interesting items to choose from. While at times the project idea precedes the fabric choice, more often than not, my thrift store finds provide the seeds for product ideas. As you have probably guessed, I really enjoy what I do.

My home-based shop is clean and scent, smoke and pet free. When given the option, I choose natural fibers over synthetic, local over distant, and used over new. Pre-used items receive a thorough laundering before the up-cycling process begins. For that matter, new fabrics receive the same treatment to ensure shrinkage occurs before becoming a garment rather than after. For sanitary reasons, I use only new quilt batting and pillow stuffing. If you look hard, you may find evidence of a prior life in my products – a stitch line or a random buttonhole, which I think, adds character. I am careful though, to ensure that prior use will not negatively affect wear. My products are professionally constructed to withstand the rigors of everyday play and judging by feedback from my customers, these standards are being met.